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     ABB Welcomes poetry writers.

Short Story Instructions

Display your writing ability by publishing your poetry of less than 12,000 Characters. If your poetry is more than 12,000 characters divide your poetry up into more than posting.
You can use Part One, Part Two, Part Three if you wish.
Thanks for posting your poetry. We wish you success.


by David Axelrod
Genre: Poetry
More poetry from David Axelrod and "The Speed Way."
It’s the 10th anniversary of his dad’s death, 1 lap

Golden seconds

by Bianca and Gerhard
Genre: love poetry
love in time
I wait with getting lost until the sun sinks into the sea your mermaid face beckoning love

Mirror garden

by Bianca and Gerhard
Genre: poetry
The past never ends
Mirror garden behind a dam swirls the living lake the effervesce polishes my rough cobblestones soft wind stirs the never buried pain which is suppressed by fear and trembling in your area my

All She’s Ever Wanted

by Jessica Meyer
Genre: Poetry
Feel good poems.
In the cool grass She makes a bed.


by Carlene Tejada
Genre: Poetry
Carlene Tejada gives us her poetry in "Blue Pearls."
An eclipse takes too long. While the shadow shifts


by Alice Shapiro
Genre: Poetry
Alice Shapiro shares more poetry with us in "Life: Ascending/Descending."
Whoosh. Tires spin over asphalt


by Jessica Meyer
Genre: Poetry
Poems of passion.


by Richard M Knittle Jr.
Genre: Truth
Happy fourth of July
“It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority.” ― Benjamin Franklin

More than Forever

by Richard M Knittle Jr.
Genre: Love
Love that will last forever
From the first day of one till the last day of forever


by Richard M Knittle Jr.
Genre: General
This is my latest called Imagine
Imagine a world at peace
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