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Daddy’s Girl

by L A Gregory
Genre: Narrative
To My Father.
I want to be married, just so I can jump the broom and wear a 3-karat rock, and be called “Mrs.” I grow tired of being called, “ Miss/Ms.” and being mistaken for a “ Mrs.”

Invisible Chains

by Marc A. Beausejour
Genre: Poerty
While the chains of slavery have been removed, our brothers are still chained by the law, society and the power structure
Wishful thing? Maybe; because although society says that we have a voice and we're free, We still look down and see them shackles and I feel they will never let go of me......

Is She Worth Pursuing

by Marc A. Beausejour
Genre: Poetry
She catches your eye and runs with your heart. But is she worth pursuing?
He knew he would never forget her, the black queen who stole his heart. She was not like the other women; her charm and grace set her apart.


by Sahira
Genre: Poetry
Short and sweet
Our cells change, We are never the same Our skin renews, Bodies, the house of the soul if this house changes, does it control The way we perceive what’s inside?

Little Pictures

by Carlene Tejada
Genre: Poetry
When poetry is on your menu than, this is a must: Blue Pearls, Special Limited Edition, From Carlene Tejada’s Private Collection
Some of Carlene's poems from Blue Pearls first appeared in Northern New England Review, The Poet's Touchstone, The Burning Cloud Review, and White Pelican Review.

The Bullet Never Bows

by Marc A. Beausejour
Genre: Poetry
It doesn't separate friend from enemy or brother from sister. It slices through the air as it penetrates its target.
Infiltrating, penetrating but never hesitating to cause havoc and war/with violence at the core and the mass population thirsting for more.


by Alice Shapiro
Genre: Poetry
Almost done. Then some children gather on the lawn. A misty fog descends, clothes their limbs with a wet, filmy haze.
One swipes his finger on a water glass in the shape of a heart.

Too soon

by Kim Wheeler
Genre: Loss
I wrote this a few days before I had to put my beloved dog to sleep
For Bigfoot I can see the light is fading in your eyes The pain of life you just can’t hide Too soon the day has come


by Sahira Javaid
Genre: lyrical
Written by Sahira Javaid, author of two poetry books: Bitter sweet poetry and Hot Ice.
Sensations are but riders on a path Your nerves sending signals and fast, Their message is sent And you then sense Whatever feelings they were prescribed You want to feel alive!

Attempted Surrender

by Sahira Javaid
Genre: Poetry
Hot Ice: Inked in endurance and new found strength, Hot Ice tests your limits and asks you how much you can tolerate.
Your strength may become a weakness or the other way around. From the harshness and redemption of Fire and the vulnerability and strength of Ice. Prepare for another sensational experience.
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