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Slave To The Farm: True Tales of Truancy & Incarceration

Author Name : Erika Tafel
A story from one of Canada's oldest juvenile detention centres.

This book has taken me years to write, and now that it is done, I sometimes pick it up and find it hard to believe it’s my story. From this vantage point it certainly feels like it happened to someone else in another lifetime. The stories that follow are remembered and re-remembered from decades ago. […]

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The Empire: Saviors Of The Empire

The Empire 2

Author Name : George mavro
With the technological advances and new military tactics brought by the soldiers lost in time the Ottoman armies are routed.

Before George could insert the new magazine the Janissary’s weapon fired sending a large lead ball towards George, striking him in the chest and knocking him down. Fortunately for George his body amour, designed to stop 21st century high velocity projectiles stopped the low velocity led ball in its tracks. George quickly recovered, got up […]

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Author Name : Alexia A. A. Hill
How one single mother used faith in God to overcome the obstacles in her life, refusing for her, or her children to become statistics

When I couldn’t feel the bottom of the pool anymore I proceed to start my float, assuming that I had gotten to the end I opened my eyes and stood up only to realize I was far from the end and I couldn’t feel the bottom. I immediately panicked! I jumped up and called for […]

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The Preacher’s Web

Author Name : Marc A. Beausejour
Pastor Mike Hillman strives to remain faithful, diligent and steadfast. Can his faith withstand a myriad of issues revolving around revenge, murder, secrets lives, lies and revelations?

“I know that he may have a past but that doesn’t make him guilty of this crime, does it? Am I wrong for believing in the potential of our young men today?”-Mike Hillman

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War and Destiny

Author Name : George Mavro
In June 1941 Germany launched Operation Merkur,the largestAirborne operation in history to capture the strategic island of Crete from the allies

General Karl Student the commanding general of the XI. Fliegerkorps, looked at the map of Crete hanging on the wall in his room at the Grand Bretagne Hotel, German military headquarter in occupied Athens, Greece. The latest news from Operation Merkur (Mercury) the largest airborne assault in history to capture Crete was not good. Over […]

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The Dutchman’s Gift

Author Name : by Richard Baran
A young boy finds a magical arrowhead while hiking with his grandfather in Arizona’s Superstition Mountains.

Riley “Rocky” Stone, a twelve year old boy on a family vacation, finds what he believes is a magical Apache arrowhead while hiking with his grandfather in Arizona’s Superstition Mountains. His arrowhead is more than magical taking him and his family to Disney World. A rollercoaster ride sends him into the world of the Lost […]

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Love and War

Author Name : by M L Hollinger
Allana goes in pursuit of a crown, and Javik is trapped into an unwanted marriage before the fates conspire to free him from all obligations except finding the woman he loves.
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Caffeine Can Kill

Author Name : by Bob Doerr
This Jim West mystery, the sixth in the series, is set along the Texas Wine Trail in the scenic Texas Hill Country, and finds Jim in Fredericksburg to attend the grand opening of a friend’s winery and

A fast-paced read for the whole family. Caffeine Can Kill touches on all the vices: murder, theft, prostitution, and jealousy. Bob Doerr weaves the tale in such a way that other than some blood and a rattlesnake bite, the reader can enjoy the ride without the swearing and violence some novels use in place of […]

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Author Name : M. L. Hollinger
A boy struggles to pass Mauhad, the manhood test of his people, and falls in love in the process.

avik admired the brooding mountains surrounding Berglaundia, his homeland. They stood like ranks of whitehaired giants standing shoulder to shoulder to protect the woods and vales below. The green fir trees climbed their slopes in a vain attempt to overwhelm their masters, and the dark forbidding forests of oak, beech, maple and elm spread out […]

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Run, Cissy, Run

Author Name : Betty J. Vaughn
Spying is not for the faint of heart, but then surviving in the midst of war isn't either.
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