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Yesterday’s magnolia

Author Name : Betty J. Vaughn
The world thought they had it all, but did they?
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Jonny Plumb and the Battle for Earth

Author Name : Kim Wheeler
Incredible feats of jaw dropping,hair raising adventures as Jonny PLumb fights against the evil Dances with Death a hideously evil witch with the help from his family and some very special soldiers

Jonny tried to shout ‘HELP’ to the sleeping Legion and Legend, but there was only silence as Jonny’s voice was lost. As Jonny got closer and closer to the dark metal grill in the ceiling he felt a cold chill all over his body and then a smell so evil he almost choked. ‘Jonny please, […]

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Jonny Plumb and City of Amaranta

Author Name : Kim Wheeler
Yet more zany, jaw dropping,stunning, edge of your seat adventures, with Jonny Plumb as he travels around the universe in his space ship made from light and how he battles against the evil Deadsheda

‘Goodnight Dad,’ Jonny replied. With Legion and Legend by his side, he disappeared up the stairs and stopped off to run a nice hot bath. Within a few seconds he dived in with his customary style and panache and replaced the Golden Globe in its hiding place deep in the underwater world of his bath […]

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jonny plumb and the silver space ship

Author Name : Kim Wheeler
Exciting funtastic adventures with Jonny Plumb and all his friends, as he goes from adventure to another and travels at twice the speed of light in the Silver Arrow Space made entirely from light.

Jonny sat back and relaxed into the world’s most comfortable almost invisible chair. Legion and Legend, his ever faithful dogs, were at his side. Jonny watched with a tear in his eye as his little blue world slowly disappeared from view. He closed his eyes and pondered what was going to happen next when PAL, […]

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Jonny Plumb and the Golden Globe

Author Name : Kim Wheeler
Zany adventures with a young child who befriends many kinds of sea life creatures while he takes his bath ,who then take Jonny on all manner of exciting jaw dropping adventures and fly in a space ship

Jonny went back to staring out of the window at the vast garden, just lazily gazing out with his elbows resting on the window sill, and his head balancing on his hands. Suddenly, there was the sound of a gong being bashed and making Jonny jump. His head slipped from his hands, banging his chin […]

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Battle Scarred Journey

Author Name : Kim Wheeler
Helping those who have fallen to stand/ strength from weakness

I was born in University College Hospital, London, back in July 1954 and within a few days, my Mother deserted me. Now the reasons behind my separation from my birth mother are pretty vague, but I can share what I think or imagine what it must have been like for her, and the pressure she […]

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Glamour, Gidgets and the Girl Next Door: Television’s Iconic Women from the 50s, 60s and 70s

Author Name : Herbie J Pilato
GLAMOUR, GIDGETS AND THE GIRL NEXT DOOR profiles 75 female TV legends, including Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman), Mary Tyler Moore (The Dick Van Dyke Show), Marlo Thomas (That Girl), and more.

Donna Douglas is an honest-to-goodness Southern Belle who displayed a heart-breaking natural beauty in playing her most famous TV role as the hot, hollering, rope-wearing, whistle-happy, and critter-cuddling Elly May Clampett on the hit CBS TV classic, The Beverly Hillbillies, a country comedy which originally aired from 1963 to 1971. “Donna Douglas as Elly May […]

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Rising Higher Than Ever

Author Name : Marc A Beausejour
Twenty Poems......Twenty Stories....Twenty People....Are Their Stories Your Story?

Can you say that you looked into the eye of the storm and strive to survive?/Even when the odds are against you and there’s no will to stay alive?/To withstand all the winds that threaten to blow you off your course/Can you develop the strength from a never ending source that gives you force? -Eye […]

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adventure of regenthe bremen

Adventures of Regen the Bermen

Author Name : M. L. Hollinger
Regen is a Bremen. By nature he loves only his pet skeen, sensual women, money, and adventure in that order.

Regen is an earthy, pragmatic, drug smuggler who cares little for anything but money, beautiful women, and his own highly unusual pet. The animal is a skeen, and they are usually shot on sight for the pests they are. Most people marvel that Regen managed to tame such a nasty creature. On top of everything […]

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