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First Book in the White Glove Series, Jack Rabbit

By Bruce Moran

The first book in the White Glove Fiction Series has been released.

Jack Rabbit receives special powers from the Great Spirit in payment for saving the Shaman's life. Now he will live forever and can travel through time.
Check out the video on the MouseGatePress YouTube channel.
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A little boy rushes to rescue “The Leprechaun Who Was Not a Mouse”

By Maureen Kellar-Kirby

“The Leprechaun Who Was Not a Mouse” publishing date -September 7th, 2021. A beautifully illustrated children’s book about the friendship between a little boy and a leprechaun who was mistaken for a mouse! Written in charming rhyme and illustrated by Christine Me’nard. Here is a story about love, caring, sharing and loyalty, all of the qualities of a good friendship and how the leprechaun outwits his adversaries and wins in the end!

How can a leprechaun be mistaken for a mouse? In this story we will discover how a little boy rushes to rescue his best friend, a leprechaun and save him from certain disaster.
For those who believe in the magical world of leprechauns. For those of us who haven't forgotten what it is like to be a child. "The Leprechaun Who Was Not a Mouse" is a perfect "escape" book!
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Lonny Lemon and his friends

By Bev Beck

He is an unusual lemon, that comes from a Meyer lemon tree. He has lots of different friends that he enjoys being with in the park where he lives. These happy friends live in the different citrus groves near his home. Among these friends are Lay-cee Avacci, her little brother Lliam Lemon, and his cousin Lewee Lime. The also have a very playful friend who sometimes causes mischief, Bobby Bat. But in the end, all is well.

Lonny Lemon is a very happy little fellow.
Check out this book and others by Bev Beck. Available soon in French and Spanish.

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Buckle up Motorsports fans!

By David Swarbrick

Now Behold! Known as one of the toughest and most exciting races in the Fast Boat Series: The “Bay Blaster” Shootout is about to begin! Packed with tight turns, lightning-fast straightaways, enormous rocks, and waterfalls, the event brings some of the greatest excitement throughout the land and seas in boating. The competition can bring down the toughest of ships and raise some to amazing heights. Crafts must prepare and work hard with their coaches to be ready for the event. When the gate drops and the fuel pumps pulse, there’s no turning back from the challenge to take the checkered flag. Once committed, the quick-paced fun begins, and the boats head out on an exhilarating run that pushes them to their best, teaches them sportsmanship, and entertains fans everywhere, of all ages. So, swab those decks Me Mateys, climb aboard, and let the festivities commence! Dive in, set your sails,

Put on your life preservers, raise your anchors, and hop inside this book!
So, swab those decks Me Mateys, climb aboard, and let the festivities commence! Dive in, set your sails,

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Who will by Mr. Happy Root Beer?

By David Swarbrick

One day all the root beers were sold except Mr. Root Beer. This makes him really sad. Who will come along and help him solve his problem? Join David Swarbrick in helping Mr. Root Beer find a new friend to help overcome his loneliness.

Every day boys and girls come into the store to buy Happy Root Beer.
Available on and soon in French and Spanish.

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Has the mystery of Sarah Slater been solved?

By Betty Vaughn

Hired by the Confederate government in Richmond when it was already in its death throes, Sarah Slater was the perfect agent for a courier between Richmond and the Confederate outpost in Montreal, Canada. Beautiful of face, curvaceous in form, spunky, flirtatious, and fluent in French she was the ideal candidate for a role that saw women often better suited for courier. Male agents faced hanging, women far less punishment. An additional benefit of her French fluency, she could claim protection as a Canadian citizen during casual interrogation. On her third and final trip to Canada in April of 1865 as Richmond lay in ashes, Sarah disappeared in New York. The messages for the Montreal office and the Confederate gold she was supposedly carrying also vanished. That mystery has fascinated historians for over 150 years. The Mystery of Sarah Slater…solved?

Sarah is a fascinating woman. For over 150 years people have puzzled over what happened to her and the confederate gold she was supposed to be carrying to Canada destined for the bank of England.
Check out this mystery by Betty Vaughn on

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Join Beverly Joe Breece and her race in the “Oil Cup” 400 Stock Truck Racing.

By David Swarbrick

Filled with highspeed straightaways and lightening quick corners, the legend of Beverly joe Breece is surely a tale that will have your foot to the floor, your pistons pumping and your tires spinning! So what are you waiting for? Trucks by David Swarbrick is available in English and coming soon in Spanish and French.

Join Beverly Joe Breece in a piston pumping, tires spinning, foot to the floor kind of tale.
What are you waiting for?

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New Clint Smith Thriller Released

By Bob Doerr

After a successful mission in South America, Clint heads to Las Vegas on vacation and to dig up a stagecoach strong box he had found in the desert earlier but had not opened. Upon inspection, he finds some old gold coins in mint condition and some well-preserved documents. He gives the contents of the strong box to a lawyer to find buyers. One of the documents, unfortunately, creates a maelstrom of violence and murder, and puts Clint squarely in the cross hairs of some Chinese assassins. Clint leaves Las Vegas to keep out of the spotlight, only to find himself going to Alaska in an attempt to rescue a female police officer who had been assigned to protect him in Las Vegas.

Bob Doerr's fourth book in the Clint Smith Series is coming out soon.
This book is available on so check it out today!

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The novel SHAFTED – A MEXICAN TALE is about the dark side of the Mexican silver mining boom

By T.S.Aguilar

The novel is a story about the exploitation, denigration, and humiliation of miners, mill, and smelter workers kept under slave labour conditions in one the hundreds of illegal mines in operation in Mexico. The exploitation of mine workers is not a recent phenomenon but has been going on for hundreds of years, essentially since the Spanish conquistadors first encountered the rich veins of precious metals in “them thar hills”.
The novel is a first person account from a previous victim’s point of view and is based on the factual accounts of former miners.
Mexican reviewers were particularly gleeful about the ending of the story. But you have to read the book to find out what made them so happy.
A European critic stated, “This is indeed a dark, but very topical theme, an original story about ruthless exploitation. The author writes with a good sense of humour nevertheless and has succeeded in creating a thoughtful and entertaining book.”

If you are lured into investing in the booming silver mining in Mexico, caution is advised because hundreds of mines operate illegally without a proper license. The illegal mines are not more than prison camps with horrendous work and safety conditions and no rate of return to the investors.
"Unity is strength" is a familiar refrain in the struggle for justice and equity. With a largely peaceful, yet unconventional uprising a workforce of miners shows how it can be achieved.
Email ID :

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By T.S.Aguilar

Despite the R&D of most of immunotherapies still being at a stage of ‘infancy’, several remarkable results have been achieved to date. They include a cure without side effects and no sign of recurrence after more than five years of a terminal stage cancer patient. But the warning was issued that this treatment is highly experimental and needs a lot more research to be applicable to a wider range of patients. Other immunotherapies are undergoing early trials with effective results so far but not yet at the stage of final trials. The scientists of these projects are very humble admitting that they are still in the development phase. What impressed me most, was the clarity of vision of practically all researchers as to what path they have to follow to achieve the desired outcome. That, to say the least, is very heartening.
Please note: current cancer treatment does not provide a cure. At best it palliates with a progression free survival of five years on average.

Cancer immunotherapy R&D is progressing at a furious pace on various platforms including the living drug of the NCI, cancer vaccines, CRISPR, and cold atmospheric plasma (CAP). The interim results are very encouraging that a cure for cancer will be announced in the near future.
Over 52% of people diagnosed with cancer, i.e. over 10 million patients globally die every year after having been "effectively treated" with surgery, radio- and chemotherapy. That is unacceptable!
Email ID :

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