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A New Children’s Story Book – “The Leprechaun Who Was Not a Mouse”
By Maureen Kellar-Kirby
How can a leprechaun be mistaken for a mouse?

Author Bob Doerr releases new “Enchanted Coin Series” title “The Magic of Vex.”
By Bob Doerr
Samantha’s discovery of a magic coin results in her transporting to the strange world of Vex where magic is real and where she has to overcome a number of challenges if she ever hopes to return home.

Announcing Authors Book Beat (ABB) is to go live Feb 01, 2015
By Bruce Moran
Authors Book Beat is a site for authors that want to promote themselves and their titles. Our goal is to assist Authors in obtaining the greatest possible exposure for their books.

Author tells a Touching Story of a Dysfunctional, Multi-cultural Family a
By Richard Baran
Richard Baran tells a Touching Story of a Dysfunctional, Multi-cultural Family and One Man's Belief in Santa Clause in his Book, "The Jacket."