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Erika Tafel

Growing up behind bars: a Shawbridge memoir

Slave To The Farm

Filmed in Montreal.

Author Photo

By: Mutsumi Takahasi

Author Photo

R M Conte

R M Conte opens up about their trilogy “Lifestyle.”


When we buy a book or turn on our e-reader, most of us don’t think much about what goes into getting that story written and ready for purchase. One former Wynyard resident, Rosanna Gartley (Melsted) k

Interview Photo

By: Wynyard Advance

Author Photo

Karen Ford

Karen Ford opens up about one Black woman’s thoughts on issues of the day

Thoughts of a Fried chicken Watermelon Woman

My dear departed friend, Eyvonne, used to tell the story of being in the grocery store one morning when a man walked up to her and said: “Girl, you remind me of fried chicken and watermelon.”

Author Photo

By: Jessica Meyer

Author Photo

Terry and Margaret Moran

Author Terry Moran addresses racial issues in the 1960’s in a unique way in his book “My Enemy’s Face.”

My Enemy's Face

Terry Moran opens up about his book “My Enemy’s Face.” His unique style helps the reader immerse themselves in the story and relate to the challenges of each of the characters.

Author Photo

By: Jessica Meyer

author Photo

Raveena Nash

Raveena Nash opens up about her reasons for writing “A Tale of Truth” for children

A Tale of Truth: A children's story based on the teachings of A Course in Miracles

Raveena Nash, author of “A Tale of Truth” speaks in depth about her children’s book “A Course in Miracles.”

Author Photo

By: Jessica Meyer

Author Photo

Donald Brewer

A fantasy/historical fiction book based on a U.S. Secret Service case in 1898.

Worthy of Trust and Confidence

A trio of children enter the Mousegate at Walt Disney World and each one becomes embedded with one of the three main characters. They see and feel the emotions of the characters and they live the history.

Author Photo

By: Jess Mayer