A fantasy/historical fiction book based on a U.S. Secret Service case in 1898.

Book Title: Worthy of Trust and Confidence

A trio of children enter the Mousegate at Walt Disney World and each one becomes embedded with one of the three main characters. They see and feel the emotions of the characters and they live the history.

Writers Biline
Author Name: Donald Brewer

Author Bio:Donald Brewer has extensive experience in the Counterfeit Division of the U.S. Secret Service in Washington, DC, and has shared his expertise On the Discovery Channel, the Learning Channel, and NPR Ra

Answer: They come from life, with a large dose of imagination.
Answer: During that time, Miami was probably as close to the Wild West as you could get. There were cocaine cowboys, tons of drug money, and corrupt politicians and police. Miami had it all.
Answer: From the Secret Service Commission Book. The oldest commission book in the archives is dated 1874, and Worthy of Trust and Confidence was on it even back then.
Answer: I like mysteries, the old West and horses. And, counterfeit money was a big part of my life for a long time.
Answer: Another trip through the Mousegate, but this time, they will physically be there to help the main character.
Answer: The Supernote case, which I hope to incorporate in a fictional story in the future.
Answer: Don’t give up. Don’t ever give up. Being a beginner myself, I don't know what to suggest. I try to feel the characters and put those feelings on paper.
Answer: My own imagination. I’ve always loved adventure stories, and I once wrote a short story about a manhood test drawing on my knowledge of such tests among various cultures.
Answer: I love writing Fantasy Adventures. In the Javic Series, I wanted to create a role model for today’s young man. Javik is the son every father wants.
Answer: I have published two books Adventures of Regen the Bremen, Josh and the Cargan. I now have four books that will be published in 2015. The Javic Series (Mauhad, Love and War, Queen of Gorgos) and Josh Martin Space Commander.

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Interviewer: Jess Mayer