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Best Gadgets Tech

BestGadgetsTech is there to help you choose the right device, you can use electronic gadget reviews from here. We provide suggestions for purchasing electronics based on their key features, pros, and cons. We show you the best electronics that are perfect. Buying electronic gadgets can be very difficult and you have to know the ins […]

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Roberta Shepherd

R. M. Shepherd enjoys writing about sixteenth-century Northern Europe, especially England and Scotland. Her second novel, The Purloined Dagger, takes place during the reign of Elizabeth I and is told as a locked-room mystery with a hint of romance. Her first novel, A Pearl to Cherish, explores the lives of a man and woman whose […]

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Molly O’Connor

Molly spends her time writing, walking, singing and capturing photos of wild flowers. She lives in a multi-generational century-old farm house teeming with grandchildren, their parents, three cats, a rabbit and one dog, not to mention a busy bird feeder outside her office window—never a dull moment and fodder for many stories. She is a […]

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Albert Sandberg

Albert Sandberg is a Civil Engineering Technologist living in west central Manitoba, Canada. He is the owner of Sverige Canada Genealogy which specializes in Swedish – Canadian heritage. It is this interest in genealogy that led Albert to researching his own Swedish roots and finding the ancestors that appear in his books. The Radermans tells […]

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Andres Torres

My name is Andres Manzano, I am a professional concept artist and Illustrator. I graduated top of my class from Algonquin college and was rewarded a book publishing opportunity which I have successfully completed above and beyond the college’s expectations. I currently freelance online completing multiple paid projects from website graphics, logo design, banner creation, […]

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Christine Menard

Christine Ménard is an illustrator from Ontario, Canada. She also illustrated the picture books “Kenneth’s Feathers” and “For the Love of Hockey”

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Erika Tafel

Erika Tafel was born in La Tuque Quebec, and now lives in the Souther Interior of British Columbia. She has been homesteading off-grid for fifteen years and is in the process of building an underground house with her husband.

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Maureen Kellar-Kirby

Early Childhood Education Teacher – Childcare Worker, semi professional musician, astrologer, psychic, writer of books and movie scripts, (semi-finals with Story Pros and cleared 1st quarter with Page Awards), published poet since childhood (magazines), and volunteer writer for Trip Advisor (top 4% in Calgary), volunteer for Meow Foundation – public interview and video by Calgary […]

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Brian Smith

Brian Smith – Management Consultant, Speaker and Author specializes in soft-skills training and leadership development. Brian works with people who want to learn how to communicate and interact more effectively; and who want to discover how to get the best out of themselves and others. He is the author of two books – “Confessions of […]

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