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Page Award Script Contest/Nicholl Fellowship Competition

By Maureen Kellar-Kirby

Movie script contest comments and results this year.

"The Marshmallow Box" movie script was in the top 25% of over 6000 scripts world-wide this year (2018). A judge's comments from the Nicholl Fellowship Screenwriting Contest 2018 - "This is a fun premise. Certainly, many people have wondered what it would be like to talk to someone like Jimi Hendrix ... It makes for an interesting adventure."
Maureen Kellar-Kirby continues to work on 3 movie scripts at the present time, including "Go Back Jack" - "The Marshmallow Box" and a comedy "Idiot House" as well as other writing projects.
Email ID :

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“Go Back Jack” Comes to Life With Music

By Maureen Kellar-Kirby

“Go Back Jack”, a new book published in 2018, contains original song lyrics that have been written, recorded and performed by the author. “Ten Miles West of New Orleans” is one of these songs.

Picture a boy who impulsively leaves his poverty stricken home outside New Orleans, hopping a train and "riding' the rods" during The Great Depression. He dreams of, "going' down to the riverside", only to find that "Papa went away and mama couldn't stay". This song, on You Tube, "Ten Miles West New Orleans", brings the book "Go Back Jack" to life and turns the story into a movie, complete with music soundtrack.
Take a moment to listen to the song and be transported back in time. Sympathize with one who regretted leaving home as a youth, and longed to return and make peace with his past.
Email ID :

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Share a fun filled mouse adventure with your young one

By Nancy Higham

Nancy Higham tells wonderful adventures about Murray Mouse in her School Mice Series.

One day, Mrs. Pringle and Murray Mouse met in Mrs. Pringle’s classroom, and Maple Creek School was changed forever!
Check out School Mice and their other adventures today!

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BOOK SIGNING APRIL14 at Barnes & Noble, Geneva, IL

By Jeff and Jacqi Lovell

Jeff and Jacqi will have two new books, Cherokee Treasure and The Legend of The Captain’s Daughter at this event.

Jeff's novels for teens and adults revive legends and weave stories around them, and his latest, Cherokee Treasure, does not disappoint. Together, the couple write time travel adventures for ages 8-13 that incorporate Disney fun while helping to build courage and self confidence in an engaging manner.
The SIGNING WILL TAKE PLACE FROM 11am - 3pm. Come see us. Books can also be purchased on the Barnes & Noble website and at
Email ID :

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By Jeff and Jacqi Lovell

The Legend of The Captain’s Daughter, 5th in a series by Jeff and Jacqi, is now available for purchase.

A mysterious women meets Macey in Epcot and helps two teenagers discover the legend of the ghost of White Island who was charged with guarding a pirate treasure. The story comes alive for them after they realize they have been whisked out of Walt Disney World and plunged into the cold Atlantic near the deserted island.
Purchase your copy now on the Barnes & Noble website or at
Email ID :

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Cherokee Treasure Is the Latest Release by Jeff Lovell

By Jeff Lovell

A mystery to be solved, adventure, a little romance….that’s what you’ll get with Jeff’s books where legends are turned into possibilities.

A Cherokee woman, aided by the man who loves her, returns to her roots to escape a stalker attempting to steal what rightly belongs to her, and preserve the secrets of her tribe.
Get your copy now. Available at the Barnes & Noble website or at
Email ID :

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Astros head to Florida for Spring Training after winning last years championship

By Charles Piper

As the Astros head to Florida for the start of spring training 2018, Charles Piper, author of Fields of Spring, tells you how to get the most of your baseball experience.

Charles shows you the best ways to get autographed memorabilia. The best times to go to the spring training and the best hotels in which to stay.
Don't miss out on this incredible book!
Email ID :

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Guidance on Meditation

By Raveena Nash

Channeled advice for those who meditate

In my book It’s All An Illusion! I deal with the topic of meditation, which is something I have been doing for many years, although at times I find it difficult to calm the mind. I have recently started to do a little verbal channeling. So I thought I would ask for advice about how to improve my meditation. I received the following from my Spirit Guides: “To improve your meditation, you have to be at peace. People normally meditate in order to become peaceful but, actually, you need to be at peace first before you meditate. When you are at peace and you are not worrying about anything or thinking about anything or planning anything or remembering anything then you will be able to meditate. Meditation itself does calm you and make you more peaceful, but if you don’t have any true inner peace before you attempt to meditate, especially if you have a problem on your mind, then meditation will really be very, very difficult."
The advice continued: "Those with an overactive mind find meditation very difficult, and you just have to keep going. When you find you are thinking too much, stop and go back to meditation later."
Email ID :

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Marc Beausejour’s Novel “Adia’a Ballad” Headlines 1st Black Book Expo

By Marc Beausejour

On Saturday September 23, 2017 in Harlem, New York, the National Black Theater will be hosting the 1st Annual Black Book Expo from 10AM-6PM.

Young adult novelist Marc A. Beausejour will be one of the featured authors at the event, where he will be promoting his most recent novel "Adia's Ballad". The expo will include panel discussions, presentation of awards, and introduction to various authors in the tri-state area. Tickets for the event can be purchased at
For more information about the expo, please call 917-501-0614 or send an email to to be involved in this literary event.
Email ID :

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Free Book Bonanza!

By Betty Vaughn

We’re starting the summer off with a bang! Award winning author Betty Vaughn offers the first of her four book series, Run, Cissy, Run, FREE for Kindle.

This offer will start Thursday, June 1, 2017 and run through Monday, June 5, 2017. If you like this book, you’ll LOVE her other three: Man in the Chimney, Turbulent Waters and The Intrepid Mill LaRoque. Your free download is as simple as searching Run, Cissy, Run on Amazon and downloading it for your Kindle. You would think Cecilia LaRoque has it all: a loving father, wealth, beauty, social position and a devoted suitor. She doesn’t. Crushed by a cold and critical mother who soon absconds to live with a dissolute lover, ‘Cissy’ struggles to prove herself worthy of love and respect. She could not have foreseen in her teenage years that the genteel and privileged life she had led would come to a crashing halt with the outbreak of Civil War, a bitter struggle that would tear her world apart. Despite the hardships and inherent danger, she seizes the opportunity to forge an unorthodox role for herself as a spy.
Run, Cissy, Run is the 2013 award winner for historical fiction from the North Carolina Society of Historians. Don’t miss out on this great offer and stay tuned weekly for more free books.

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