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Battle Scarred Journey nominated for 2015 Book Viral awards.

By Kim Wheeler

Dear Kim

We are pleased to inform you that you were one of 50 authors who made our shortlist and from which our six finalists and 2015 BookViral Award winner will be decided

Dear Kim We are pleased to inform you that you were one of 50 authors who made our shortlist and from which our six finalists and 2015 BookViral Award winner will be decided. The response was quite simply overwhelming and we had to make some very difficult choices, but in the final analysis we are confident we have made the right ones. Should you move forward to the next stage, the six finalists and the award winner will be informed week commencing February 21st and announced on March 1st 2016. You can find all our shortlisted covers on the link given below and whilst there is no prize for making our shortlist you are free to use the designation in the promotion of your book and our red and gold quill decal. An image file can be supplied upon request and will be licensed for your use in promoting your book.
Stunned and delighted to be in line for this prestigious award..I will of course keep you posted..
Email ID :

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Fan letter for ‘Jazz and Ella’, a Mouse Gate adventure book.

By Jeff and Jacqi Lovell

Mouse Gate author, Jeff Lovell, receives a fan letter from a reader.

This is a copy of a fan letter receives about our first Mouse Gate book: Dear Mr. Jeff Lovell, My Grandma sent me your book, Jazz and Ella'. I liked the part where Jazz and Ella faced their fears and were brave. I also liked the part when they learned their mom and dad were getting married. You are a good author and I hope I can read more of your books soon. Sincerely, Jane Kaspar

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Looking forward to Spring Training

By Charles Piper

With Spring Training in our sights we turn our eyes to Charles Piper’s FIELDS OF SPRING: Major League Baseball Spring Training.

New sports book tells how to make a fun family vacation visiting each of Major League Baseball's 30 Spring Training camps; entices with 170 new, historic, and nostalgic color photos; and gives hundreds of insider tips (called 'Foul Tips') for the best times and places to get ball, bat and other autographs; meet players; see old-timers play; get ticket costs and schedules; plan trips and hotel stays; and create unique display cases and wall hangings for your treasured baseball memorabilia. Author Charles Piper, a zealous fan who's visited every MLB training camp, gives hundreds of insider tips not found on the Internet and lists numerous websites for additional information. Fans questing for a memory-making family road trip to catch balls, meet favorite players, and collect autographs will find plenty of how-to’s in the new tour guide.
To check out this book by Charles Piper go to or

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Yet another thrilling laugh out very loud fun filled adventure with the fifth in the Jonny Plumb Adventure series

By Kim Wheeler

Jonnys incredible adventures continue with the next instalment of the six set series called Jonny Plumb and the Queen of Iceland.

Jonnys incredible adventures continue with the next instalment of the six set series called Jonny Plumb and the Queen of Iceland. Jonny and his two faithful companions and best friends Legion and Legend travel to Iceland in order to find the eleven singing Runes which means he has to walk along winding paths, cross a raging river, swim in another river, walk over a volcanic field, then, climb a huge glacier, find a ginormous cave behind a huge scary looking waterfall, meet the snake with the lisp and stammer, then find the hidden cave, and then find the Queen of Iceland, and sing her this song in either English or Icelandic or both, while dodging the Angkas, the Hairy Growlers, the Greedy Gobblers and a huge sea monster called the Aspidoceleon, or Mincing Mary to her friends...Then he has to meet the Icelandic Yule lads, the strangest and weirdest family ever. Once Jonny has found all the hidden Runes he then has to meet the Queen of Iceland but everything isn’t as simple as it seems.
Doggedly amusing to the very last page, Jonny Plumb & The Queen Of Iceland is the fifth release in Kim Wheeler's children’s series and it’s as wonderfully whacky as the first.
Email ID :

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“Gina and Colby”, an African adventure, is a new book release in the Mouse Gate series announced by Total Recall Press.

By Jacqi Lovell

A magic amulet allows two teens to be transported from Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World into Africa where they discover they can make a difference in the world of animal poaching.

Gina and Colby, opposites in every sense of the word, are drawn into an unshakeable friendship as a result of the adventures they share after meeting in Disney Springs. Traveling through magic amulets into a totally unknown culture and continent, they are offered an opportunity to help save endangered animals and to catch those responsible for poaching them. Dangers abound as they face poachers and pirates in their attempts to rescue these hunted creatures, and they discover a courage deep within themselves that leads both Gina and Colby to make positive changes in how they view themselves and others.
Let your 8-12 year old learn something about the plight of endangered species as they travel with Gina and Colby on their bold and courageous African journey.
Email ID :

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Two exiting action novels to be released in audio Format

By George Mavro

You will now be able to hear both exciting action war novels, Operation Medina the Jihad and Operation Medina the Crusade in Audio format

The two action packed terrorist/war novels Operation Medina the Jihad and Crusade will be out for Christmas in audio format. These two action packed Novels can be taken right out of recent news clips involving ISIS, Turkey and the Mid East. Don't miss out on an exciting story
These audio books can be bought from total recall Press or Amazon
Email ID :

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M. Beausejour’s Inaugural Novel set to publish on Nov. 4

By Marc A. Beausejour

Marc Beausejour, author of “Words On High” and “Rising Higher Than Ever” has written his third publication, which also marks his first novel entitled “The Preacher’s Web”

In an urban odyssey that takes readers from the Queens basketball courts to the walls of the church and school grounds, Mike Hillman, a troubled former All-City quarterback has been chosen to minister at the Rock of Jacob Baptist Church in Queens, New York. But it proves to be challenging, as he finds himself in the midst of controversy when an old friend returns to the borough, seeking revenge for the death of Mike’s old high school flame. Young Jamal Samuels is trying to adjust in his new environment in high school and flourish on the basketball courts. Meanwhile his community is shaken up as a high school senior is brutally murdered and a young man with connections to M.O.B., a local gang, is charged with the murder. Mike feels obligated to defend the boy’s innocence but he puts his reputation and his life on the line in the process.
Will Mike’s faith withstand the drama and trials surrounding him or will his past failures re-emerge to bring him down and destroy his future?
Email ID :

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“A Bewitched Night of Halloween Magic”! – at the Burbank Barnes & Noble

By Herbie J Pilato

Bewitched stars gather at the Barnes & Noble in Burbank, California to commemorate Halloween!

The Classic TV Preservation Society presents.... Thursday, October 29th - at the Burbank Barnes & Noble from 7 to 9 PM: "A BEWITCHED NIGHT OF HALLOWEEN MAGIC" - starring: * Chris York, the ever-affable and always entertaining son of "Bewitched" legend Dick York. * David Bloch-Mandel, who portrayed Samantha and Darrin's young warlock son * Bruce Kimmel, the multi-talented writer, director, author and actor who portrayed the adult Adam Stephens in the original series pilot for the "TabAtha" (with an "A") * Pop Haydn, the magician extraordinaire from the world-renown Magic Castle. Come join the party - as each performer will share their own particular brand of "Bewitched" memories and magic! The Burbank Barnes & Noble 731 N. San Fernando Blvd. Burbank, CA 91502 (818) 558-1383
Email ID :

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Book Signing

By Rick Etchells

“Word of God, Word of Man” book signing on October 23 and 24.

Author Rick Etchells will be signing copies of his book "Word of God, Word of Man" at the Kroger store located at 25050 FM 1093 in Richmond. The signing will be from 3 - 7 PM on Friday October 23 and 10 - 3 PM on Saturday October 24. "Word of God, Word of Man" combines the wisdom of God with that of man on a wide variety of topics. It is both enlightening and inspirational.
Book signing at Kroger on October 23 and 24.
Email ID :

“Texas Spirit” by David Smith writes a series of spirited essays about the personalities in his life and more.

By David Smith

“Even when you strongly disagree with Smith, you still respect him for the strength of his conviction.” — Charles Ashbacher

David is the quintessential Texas entrepreneur, lover of Texas history, and skilled teller of the colorful twists and turns of his own success story as it intertwines with the growth of the state’s petrochemical industry. He is an ardent collector of Texiana and owns over 20 large locomotive train bells from the glory days of Texas steam engines. David’s entrepreneurial bent, zesty style, folksy humor, and unabashed candor are all combine in this admirable example of the “Texas Spirit.”
"Texas Spirit" can be found on and Shop now and receive 30% of your copy.

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