40 Years Later

by Carlene Tejada

Poetry Introduction : More poetry by Carlene Tejada and "Blue Pearls."

Poetry Beginning : You left too soon:


no chance to practice growing old
no chance to show me how
no chance to catch the biggest fish.

You left too soon:
never saw your grandchildren
never hunted caribou in Alaska
never watched your son become a man.

You left too soon:
missed my wedding
missed your 60th birthday
missed my graduate degree.

You left too soon:
to bite into a hot enchilada
to replace 5 o’clock martinis with naps
and appreciate them more.

You left too soon:
to feel the rush of time
to marvel at the pull of change.

Yes, you left too soon.
but now that I’m 70
I know what you missed
and I will live it for you.

(For more poetry by Carlene Tejada and “Blue Pearls” go to www.totalrecallpress.com or www.amazon.com)

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40 years later

Genre : Poetry