A Few Blue Pearls

by Carlene Tejada

Poetry Introduction : Poetry by Carlene Tejada's "Blue Pearls."

Poetry Beginning : I know you make your living from these blueberry acres


just as I know of your trust in me,
yet on my evening walk up the mountain path
I could not help but pick a few blue pearls
to roll around in my palm.

Then, like one urged by addiction,
I reached for clump after clump as they rose
on slender stems like cats standing on back feet
to meet my petting hand.

So I filled both pockets and my hat
while cartoon balloons floated by carrying
steaming pies, golden cakes and plump muffins
oozing warm and juicy berries.

I did not mean to take so many,
to embezzle those few dollars from your pocket.
Anyway, I made only muffins
and can’t offer you even one in payment,
for then I’ll have to confess my crime.

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A Few Blue Pearls

Genre : Poetry