ABB adds new short story feature to website for storytellers.

News Hook: Short stories can be up to 12,000 characters or be divided up into multiple postings or as a “part 1,” “part 2.” Authors Book Beat is a forum for everyone in the book world. We welcome authors, editors, reviewers, readers, publishers, book bloggers, and journals to post and comment on print books, eBooks, and audio books. We encourage all authors, lovers of books, and individuals in the publishing business to write and post press releases, articles, email blasts, book reviews, and book signing events through ABB. ABB provides free and paid distribution services for authors’ books or eBooks to promote and advertise to over seven thousand media outlets within the publishing, entertainment, library, television, radio, online, blog, magazine, newspaper, cable, satellite, freelance and wire service industries.

ABB has added a new short story feature to website for storytellers. This feature allows authors to give a sample of their writings to promote their book/s or just to have a short story published.

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Author Name : Authors Book Beat

Date of Published: Mar 27, 2015