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Kim Wheeler

The Adventures of Jonny Plumb begin

By Kim Wheeler

The amazing adventures of Jonny Plumb begin with the first in a six book series called Jonny Plumb and the Golden Globe. Jonny is an orphan and this book begins on the day he is fostered and is dropped off at his new home. After overcoming his undone shoelaces a very shiny floor and the embarrassment of falling flat on his face,he meets Nanny Noo and Lady Kathleen Hunter,who hopefully will adopt Jonny and accept him as one of the family. Jonny is then allowed his first ever hot bath and that’s where the adventure begins, not only by all the wonderful new sea life friends who befriend him who then show Jonny the Golden Globe, hidden for centuries at the bottom of his bath. The Golden Globe is full of astounding and incredible secrets, but the most amazing one is that it can shape shift into the Silver Arrow Spaceship, which is capable of flying at twice the speed of light. So join Jonny and some of his new found, quite zany, sealife friends which include three baby octopi called Harpoon,

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The Adventures of Jonny Plumb begin
Bruce Moran

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By Bruce Moran

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Bob Doerr

Bob Doerr’s Latest in the Jim West series, Caffeine Can Kill, Hits Shelves in April

By Bob Doerr

This Jim West mystery/thriller, the sixth in the series, finds Jim traveling to the Texas Hill Country to attend the grand opening of a friend’s winery and vineyard. Upon arriving in Fredericksburg, Jim witnesses a brutal kidnapping at a local coffee shop. The next morning while driving down an unpaved country road to the grand opening, he comes across an active crime scene barely a quarter mile from his friend’s winery. A Fredericksburg policeman who talked to Jim the day before at the kidnapping scene recognizes Jim and asks him to identify the body of a dead young woman as the woman who was kidnapped. Jim does, and as a result of this unwelcome relationship with the police is asked the next morning to identify the body of another murdered person as the man who had kidnapped the young woman. A third murder throws Jim’s vacation into complete disarray and draws Jim and a female friend into the sights of one of the killers.

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caffeine can kill
Joe Hinshaw

Colorful new book helps children cope with nighttime fears.

By Joe Hinshaw

In the Closet and Under the Bed explores the time in life where a boy comes to terms with his own monsters. He is very creative in his solutions and will probably someday be very successful in business. David was a great resource in reconciling the words to the visuals and we joined those visions successfully in his art. Rosie acted as our go between and spent many hours on the phone relaying messages back and forth. During David’s work he suffered a medical crisis and a major surgery. During the middle part of this process he sat at his easel in great pain to produce this wonderful art and story. By this time I think we both had invested in the book from our hearts and nothing would stop its completion. I hope you enjoy it. I hope you can spend that time curled on the bed with your own children and in the end they can make their own peace with their own monsters.

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Marc A. Beausejour

Rising Higher Than Ever Becomes Springboard For New Author

By Marc A. Beausejour

Julius Anderson is a top contending boxer going up against boxing champion Lee Randall for the title. However when Lee shows his superiority in the ring and knocks Julius out in their first match, Julius begins to doubt himself and his abilities. Will he ever find the courage to step back in the ring and challenge Lee to a momentum-swinging rematch? To Tia Anderson, Randy Mays was the one for her. Funny, charming and sexy. But sometimes, when something looks and feels too good to be true, it most likely is and it was no different in Tia’s case as the mask comes off and Randy shows her a much darker side of him. Can Tia find herself out of her situation, or will Randy’s dark side endanger her life?

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Raveena Nash

A children’s book based on the teachings of A Course in Miracles

By Raveena Nash

Adam is a nine-year-old who comes across a wise old man called Joshua, as he wanders down a country lane.

Joshua teaches Adam about the Separation, according to A Course in Miracles, and about the oneness of all people with each other and with God. Adam asks questions about conflict, the deeds that some people carry out and about the wars and strife that he sees on television.

Joshua explains that the ego created a world of chaos and conflict by sending out these thoughts into the world through projection. He also talks about the need to protect Mother Earth and about true prayer, and he discusses a few of the Workbook Lessons of A Course in Miracles with Adam. In addition, Joshua explains how forgiveness helps us awaken from the dream of separation and return to Heaven.

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Benjamin Wermund

George R.R. Martin placed the crown atop Texas A&M University’s towering collection of books Friday, giving the school a first-edition copy of J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Hobbit,” the 5 millionth volume in the university’s vast collections.

By Benjamin Wermund

Texas A&M University Libraries Friday acquired its five millionth volume, a rare first-edition of J.R.R. Tolkien’s 1937 classic The Hobbit—a gift from award-winning sci-fi/fantasy author George R.R. Martin, creator of the best-selling book series “Game of Thrones.”

“Over the last two decades the A&M Libraries has become one of the top 10 publicly-supported research libraries in this country [Association of Research Libraries (ARL) ranking] and this five millionth volume symbolizes that maturity as well as the depth our collections,” says David Carlson, dean of University Libraries.

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