By by David Axelrod

“Speed never bothered me

none,” says Waddell. “I
won me some pretty purses
before I figured engine
building was my niche.”
109 wins later, 3 at
the 500, he’s earned
his Legacy award. Over
200 mph? Sounds pretty
good to the old guys,
“Speed is what it’s all
about.” But NASCAR
wants it family-friendly.
It’s tough to bring
the family to the track
to see a fellow hit the wall
and die. “I haven’t built
a flathead in years. That’s
what I used to race … I won
a few but building them
is a lot safer than drivin’ ’em.”
Ah, but would he take the wheel
in one of those fancy cars?
“Guess I’m a bit past
doing it now,” but still
strong-voiced and glad
for the Legacy honors.

(For Waddell Wilson.)
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