New Book, ‘The Texas Spirit,’ Offers Straight Talk from Entrepreneur

By David Smith

HOUSTON, Texas – Successful Texas businessman David M. Smith offers a wealth of folksy, straight-talking perspective – applicable to both business and life – with his new book, “The Texas Spirit,”

In The Texas Spirit, David M. Smith has written a series of spirited and insightful essays about the chemical industry, events and personalities in his life, and David M Smith views on trends in the national economy and other aspects of American life that concern him. The zesty style, folksy humor, and unabashed candor combine in this admirable example of the “Texas Spirit.”

“An education in business is valuable – to an extent, but if you want to be truly innovative, you need more,” says David M Smith, who says he developed crucial aspects of his character while at infantry school.

“The knowledge gleaned from four years of college does not compare to what a person can learn at infantry school. The Army provided me with more fun and interesting experiences and principles than college.”

“The Texas Spirit” shows that acumen in a career doesn’t always fit neat parameters – especially in the Lone Star State. Smith is the quintessential Texas entrepreneur, a lover of Texas history and a skilled teller of the colorful twists and turns of his own success story as it intertwines with the growth of the state’s petrochemical industry.

The narrative unfolds with an entrepreneurial bent, zesty style, folksy humor and unabashed candor, which combine for what Smith would call the “The Texas Spirit.”

“Yeah, I’m a bit of an eccentric, but I think it usually takes someone with outside-the-box inclinations to yield outside-the-box inspiration,” says Smith, the owner of more than 20 large locomotive train bells from the glory days of Texas steam engines.

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The Texas Spirit

Writer Name : David Smith

Writer Bio : David M. Smith is the author of “The Texas Spirit,” (2014; Halcyon Press). He’s the founder and owner of Chemical Exchange, Inc. and Texmark Chemicals of Galena Park, Texas. An El Paso native, he attended the University of Texas in Austin. Early in his career, he moved east to Houston and established himself in the petrochemical industry. His new book, “The Texas Spirit,” features a series of essays about the ways in which the United States can benefit from Texas’ example, including economic models and moral fiber.