Award winning author, Bob Doerr, announces new book to be released later this year

News Hook: Bob Doerr announces the upcoming release of his seventh Jim West mystery/thriller. Set to be published later this year, this story begins with Jim receiving a cryptic letter from an old acquaintance asking him to find a briefcase. The letter raises his curiosity, but leaves him with more questions than answers. West discovers his friend has been murdered, and then learns that he's not the only one trying to locate the briefcase. Threatened by a Mexican drug cartel to locate the briefcase and turn it over to them or be killed, and pressed by the FBI to find it and turn it over to them, Jim finds himself being squeezed. The search takes him to a small town in southwest Texas, and then on to Cloudcroft, New Mexico, before culminating in the ghost town, Chloride.

Murder, a missing briefcase full of money, and a reluctant protagonist pressed to find the briefcase by both the FBI and a drug cartel. Throw in suspense and romance, and you’ve got a great book!

"Stay tuned for an actual release date of Greed Can Kill, and if you have not read Caffeine Can Kill, the sixth book in the series, there is still time."

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