Betrayal of Freedom

News Hook: "She watched as people stood at the doors, touched the doorknobs and searched their memories for what to do next.The realization that the doors were locked was wasted on minds that long ago ceased to understand.That reality was not lost on Mary and she screamed inwardly. God help me, I'm in prison."

How does a respected physician end up hidden away on a locked Alzheimer unit? Did anyone know she was there? Did anyone care?
Dr. Mary Sliwa or Doc as she was generally known, became aware of some change in her mental capacity but was confident that a major one was many years away. Doc’s niece Jean, used her status as a physician to petition the court to gain guardianship by declaring Doc incompetent.
Stella, Doc’s loyal and true friend ,through her despair courageously challenged the court system regarding her friend’s incarceration.
This is not an isolated case of elder abuse, it can happen to anyone. What swayed the scales of justice was the energy used to stand up and fight. Why did this happen? Was it greed? Was it Jealousy? Was it retribution for some past slight or maybe just not wanting to be responsible for another human being. Only Jean knows the real truth.

"A dignified, intelligent woman is held against her will. Her only lifeline is a tenacious friend who pursues justice. " The greatest gift of life is friendship and I have received it." Hubert Humphrey"

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Author Name : Melania Abrams/ Maria Testa

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Date of Published: Jul 21, 2020