Book Signing for “Adia’s Ballad”

News Hook: The event is scheduled to begin at 5:00pm and will end at 7:00pm. Beausejour will be signing copies of his book and reading certain excerpts of his book. Beausejour has also written two other books, "Rising Higher Than Ever" and "The Preacher's Web," both which may also be available for purchase. "Adia's Ballad" is centered around Andrea McAfee, a young woman in Queens, New York who suffers through the tragic loss of a family member and copes with her loss by engaging in her favorite pastime: singing. Persuaded by her friends, she performs at a talent show, where she is offered a recording contract by one of the biggest record labels in New York. While touring under stage name, Adia; she finds herself in the midst of financial controversy, warring record companies and shady characters. Adia must find a way to control her life and her newfound fame.

Poet and novelist Marc Beausejour will be hosting a book signing for his newly released drama novel, “Adia’s Ballad” at Nubian Bookstore on Thursday, November 17.

"Nubian Bookstore is located at 1540 Southlake Pkwy, Morrow, GA 30260. Adia's Ballad is also available at and will be available on Amazon."

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Author Name : Marc Beausejour

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Date of Published: Oct 07, 2016