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News Hook: Our review...... The greatest adventures are the ones we never want to end and what better way to continue Kim Wheeler’s Jonny Plumb series than with Jonny Plumb and The Wonderful Secret. For children of a certain age, adventure is everything, the centre of their world, and Wheeler’s novels belong in that exclusive category of books capable of enthralling children and adults alike. On one level it’s because they fill a void that exists in all of us, on another it’s because Jonny and the ever loyal Legion and Legend are simply sublime characters, inhabiting a world where good means good and bad means something darker, with nothing in between. Combining humour and nonstop adventure is something Wheeler does particularly well, but this time around there’s a certain vulnerability that penetrates the deepest insecurities of our younger years. A gradual awakening to the fact that all things must end, and on this level Jonny’s search for the Elixir of Life takes on symbolic proportions. I

This adventure for Jonny Plumb finds him in all kinds of trouble when he is firstly accused of giving a footballer a bad case of Floppy Leg. Who then had to be carried into his home on a stretcher..

"Six wonderful reviews to all my six wonderful Jonny Plumb childrens adventures. A must for adult and child alike where the author takes the readers on a series of magical adventures at home & in space"

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brilliant reviews

Date of Published: Jul 01, 2016