Doerr releases his second book in the Clint Smith series.

The Group

The Group
""Bob Doerr has done it again. Two hundred and forty pages of intrigue, excitement, and action to keep the mind busy and the heart pounding!" --Jack Miller, Award Winning Author of The Badge and othe"

Someone is killing off the world’s rich and famous. The murders are sophisticated, requiring precision and skill, and the killers have a global reach. The international community is in an uproar but surprisingly, can develop no leads in its attempt to develop any information on the assassins. The victims are members of the Bilderberg Group, an international, loose knit group of the uber-rich who meet annually. While the attacks have not had a direct impact on the U.S., Theresa Deer, Director of the Special Section, a small unit whose existence is known by only a handful in the U.S. government, sees this new age League of Assassins as a national threat. She sends her hunters out. Clint Smith finds their trail in Switzerland where his discovery almost results in his own death. The hunt next leads him to Mallorca, Spain, where he witnesses a helicopter attack on a villa where a number of attendees from the Bilderberg conference were holding a smaller, follow-on meeting of their own. Smith picks up the trail a couple weeks later in Las Vegas, NV, and pursues his targets up to Whidbey Island, Washington. In this final stage of the hunt, Smith discovers that he is no longer the hunter. He has become the prey.

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          “Bob Doerr creates ordinary characters and places them in unordinary situations. Get ready for a tense read as Clint Smith is charged with identifying and stopping the unknown killer (or killers) of the world's richest men!” - Pat McGrath Avery, multi -Award Winning Author
     A fast moving international thriller that pits a lone government operative, known as a hunter, against an unknown group of assassins who pose a worldwide threat.
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