Fan Review for Mousegate Adventure, ‘Gina and Colby’

News Hook: "I thoroughly enjoyed your book, 'Gina and Colby'. It was interesting to see how Colby and Gina's character development throughout the story. Also, it was a nice surprise to see Jazz and Ella make an appearance in the book. The topic of the book, endangered species being poached, I thought provoking. After all, animals have rights, too. Overall, 'Gina and Colby' I a an amazing and interesting book. I enjoyed it even more than 'Jazz and Ella', and I like that a lot." Sincerely, Jane Kaspar

An exciting story for young adults involving danger, adventure, and travel through a magical amulet to save endangered animals.

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Author Name : Jeff and Jacqi Lovell

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Date of Published: Mar 10, 2016