For The Empire a new alternate history novel soon to be released by Total Recal Press

News Hook: The arrival of Master Sargeant George Mavrakis and his troops have drastically altered the timeline. The Ottoman Sultan Mehmet II will soon put the city of Constantinopolis under siege with over 80,000 troops and 60 huge guns that can tear down the city’s walls. In the American’s past time line, the Ottomans do capture the city and the emperor is killed in battle. It will be race against time to assist the Byzantines in building up their technical and military capabilities with the skills and knowledge, they brought back from the future, to stop the Ottomans. If they are unsuccessful the future is very bleak for George and his team, whom are lost in time.

New Alternate history book. Can a squad of 21st Century US Airforce security force airman save Byzantium during the siege of Constantinopolis from the Ottomans

"This novel will soon be released. Read it along with the other great military adventure novels by George Mavro"

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Author Name : George Mavro

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Date of Published: Jun 30, 2015