by Alice Shapiro

Poetry Introduction : More poetry by Alice Shapiro in "Life: Descending/Ascending."

Poetry Beginning : Books are piling up, overflowing shelves


voracious thirst for other’s doubt,
transformation, mending.
Music scatters airwaves to flow straight
to swayable ears, serenely accepting
the jazz of it, the drift.
Meanwhile Baden-Baden’s roulette wheels
spiced an evening,
and plush carpet silenced reason.
That was then,
pretending we could slide unannounced
through royalty, like gods drunk on fake celebrity.
It is a drip from a faucet
interrupting a lonely night dressed with
half-read volumes and honky-tonk.
Sweet sentiments, dead-quiet room
mixed like a good cocktail in a trembling hand.

(For more poetry by Alice Shapiro and “Life: Descending/Ascending” go to or

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Genre : Poetry