“Go Back Jack” Comes to Life With Music

News Hook: Picture a boy who impulsively leaves his poverty stricken home outside New Orleans, hopping a train and "riding' the rods" during The Great Depression. He dreams of, "going' down to the riverside", only to find that "Papa went away and mama couldn't stay". This song, on You Tube, "Ten Miles West New Orleans", brings the book "Go Back Jack" to life and turns the story into a movie, complete with music soundtrack. https://youtu.be/yH89GMKW83M

“Go Back Jack”, a new book published in 2018, contains original song lyrics that have been written, recorded and performed by the author. “Ten Miles West of New Orleans” is one of these songs.

"Take a moment to listen to the song and be transported back in time. Sympathize with one who regretted leaving home as a youth, and longed to return and make peace with his past."

Writers Biline:

Author Name : Maureen Kellar-Kirby

Author Email :

Author Website : http://www.ministargazer.com

Date of Published: Jan 16, 2018