Guidance on Meditation

News Hook: In my book It’s All An Illusion! I deal with the topic of meditation, which is something I have been doing for many years, although at times I find it difficult to calm the mind. I have recently started to do a little verbal channeling. So I thought I would ask for advice about how to improve my meditation. I received the following from my Spirit Guides: “To improve your meditation, you have to be at peace. People normally meditate in order to become peaceful but, actually, you need to be at peace first before you meditate. When you are at peace and you are not worrying about anything or thinking about anything or planning anything or remembering anything then you will be able to meditate. Meditation itself does calm you and make you more peaceful, but if you don’t have any true inner peace before you attempt to meditate, especially if you have a problem on your mind, then meditation will really be very, very difficult."

Channeled advice for those who meditate

"The advice continued: "Those with an overactive mind find meditation very difficult, and you just have to keep going. When you find you are thinking too much, stop and go back to meditation later.""

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Date of Published: Mar 17, 2009