Herbie J Pilato Hosts “Throwback Thursday” on July 2nd, at the Burbank Barnes & Noble

Get Pop-Cultured - with Herbie J Pilato @ the Burbank Barnes & Noble

Come to the Barnes & Noble in Burbank, California – every THROWBACK THURSDAY in July for a special GET POP-CULTURED nostalgic event hosted by writer/producer Herbie J Pilato (author of Glamour, Gidgets and the Girl Next Door: Television’s Iconic Women from the 50’s,60’s and 70’s) and special surprise celebrity guests each week!

Journey into the past, and relive iconic moments in pop-culture from the 50’s (July 2), 60’s (July 9), 70’s (July 16), 80’s (July 23) and 90’s (July 30).

Explore the books, toys, games, music, movies, and television shows and that shaped the decade. Herbie J Pilato, founder of The Classic TV Preservation Society, will also sign copies of his top-selling, critically-acclaimed books, Glamour, Gidgets and the Girl Next Door, Twitch Upon A Star, The Essential Elizabeth Montgomery, The Bionic Book, Life Story – The Book of Life Goes On, and NBC & ME: My Life As A Page In A Book.

On Thursday, July 2nd, this month’s first guest is writer, producer and author Joel Eisenberg.

Herbie J and Joel will lead a discussion on everything classic TV and movies, with a focus on sci-fi fantasy TV shows and movies of the 1950’s, including Them, It Came From Outer Space, Forbidden Planet, The Twilight Zone, and Outer Limits.

For more information, contact: Barnes & Noble Media City Center * 731 N San Fernando Blvd. Burbank, CA * 91502 * (818) 558-1383.

     Writer/producer Herbie J Pilato is your host for "Throwback Thursdays" every week in July. This Thursday, July 2nd - a focus on the 1950's...with special guest author/producer Joel Eisenberg.

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Author Name : Herbie J Pilato

Author Bio : Herbie J Pilato is a writer, producer, actor, author, and the founder of The Classic TV Preservation Society, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the positive influence of classic television programming. He's worked for NBC, E!, A&E, TLC, Bravo, Syfy, Warner Bros., and Sony. His books include Twitch Upon A Star, The Bionic Book, NBC & Me, and Glamour, Gidgets and the Girl Next Door.