“I am Cecilia” is a new young adult novel from a different perspective

News Hook: Cecilia Lypa, a teenage girl sheltered from the real world by her grandparents and her mother steps into the ugly reality of life when her mother introduces her to her biological father.

More than just a girl with a brilliant mind, Cecilia encompasses all the misfits, all the glum souls looking for a real home. This book will hopefully inspire young people, young adults, and new-age kids to stay true to themselves. Cecilia is a dreamer, ideally, you will get inspired to start dreaming big and acting boldly.

"Cecilia´s quiet demeanor quickly grows into a raging rebellion in the face of having to adjust to a new life where her father prioritizes money and his own selfish interests over family."

Writers Biline:

Author Name : Zara Miller

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Date of Published: Apr 26, 2021