by Alice Shapiro

Poetry Introduction : More poetry by Alice Shapiro and "Life: Descending/Ascending."

Poetry Beginning : If, after a length of time nothing changes


nothing changes
try to erase childhood.
When waiting is not enough
wait longer
until you see the cusp of death.
Divine images in a frothy cloud
spying down on two old souls
will rain an urgent welcome.

If a faultless lover fades to black
and you trudge a cobblestoned alley
alone, all pictures in your mind
dissolved like pink carnival candy,
try building a new nation.
When sparks jump off concrete walls,
inevitable resistance to change,
down a sweet Brown Betty.
Many husbands, under oaths, have warmed
to pretty perfidy.
After years nestled in wondering,
try spreading innocence.

(For more by Alice Shapiro’s “Life: Descending/Ascending” go to www.totalrecallpress.com or www.amazon.com.)

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Genre : Poetry