Jeff Lovell’s “The Coven of the Spring” Brings Back Memories of Hanged Ancestors of Residents of Windham More than 300 Years Ago on Gallows Hill

By Dr. Jeff Lovell

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A modern day research chemist, Grace DeRosa, stumbles upon a hidden spring in the woods near Salem, Massachusetts. She discovers that drinking its water imparts fearsome mind control powers, and injects her teenage daughter in hopes of conveying special life advantages. Trouble is, the spring and its ancient secret have been protected for centuries by a coven of Salem Witch descendents, who emerge to terrify and destroy as they attempt to imprison and exploit the girl's extraordinary powers. The story is a product of the rich imagination of Dr. Jeff Lovell, a Chicago high school writing and literature teacher. While visiting Salem, Massachusetts on a family vacation, Dr. Lovell started pondering what would happen if the witches were really real. What powers would they have today? How would they work, how would they survive, how would they stay hidden? The result is Dr. Lovell’s modern day tale of Grace DeRosa, a gifted research chemist, who stumbles upon the concealed spring in the woods near Salem. She discovers that the consumed water imparts unique and fearful powers to read minds, create terrifying mental pictures, and force the user's will on others. Intrigued by these powers and hoping to use them for good, Grace.

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More than 150 men and women were called witches and wizards during the horrific summer of 1692 in Salem, Mass. Some of the accused were hanged on Gallows Hill in Windham, MA. In Jeff Lovell’s “The Coven of the Spring,” descendants of accused witches hanged more than 300 years ago.

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Writer Name : Dr. Jeff Lovell

Writer Bio : Dr. Jeff Lovell is a native Chicagoan with three degrees from the University of Illinois and a doctorate from Vanderbilt University. Jeff taught high school writing and literature for 33 years and sponsored the school paper, Student Council, and several other activities. He ran the drama program at two high schools, teaching and directing and designing sets, lighting and costumes. His career specialties included Shakespeare, British Literature, and Writing as well as Computer Science. Since retiring from education, Jeff has served as a theatre and film critic for a television station and appears frequently to review theatre and literature. Dr. Lovell will be touring the Salem area in October doing various book signings. Review copies can be obtained by calling (281) 992-3131, (832) 704-8965 or by emailing Jessica at Jessica(at)totalrecallpress(dot)com.