Jonny Plumb and the Battle for Earth

Genre: "Childrens Adventures"

By Kim Wheeler

Jonny Plumbs jaw dropping adventures continue in rip roaring fashion with his latest book, Jonny Plumb and the Battle for earth. Where again Jonny and all his friends set out to try and save the earth from the evil clutches of the devils only daughter Deadsheda and her Hench woman the even uglier and revolting Dances with Death who has a strange aversion to custard, I wonder why?? Read as the Outriders from Hell try to break the force field made by the Shard of Pure Light in order to destroy Jonny and his family and friends and steal the Golden Globe. Watch Nanny Noo take on Deadsheda in unarmed combat, yes one aging nanny fighting the most evil hideously ugly cackling devil child, will she win?? Will Nanny Noo be the hero? Will all Jonnys friends and family join together as one with Blueshadow and the Water Horses from the Planet of pure water, Firestorm and Starshell, along with Dentro reclu and the beings of Pure Light help Nanny Noo and Jonny, Legion and Legend save the Earth.

Jonny tried to shout ‘HELP’ to the sleeping Legion and Legend, but there was only silence as Jonny’s voice was lost. As Jonny got closer and closer to the dark metal grill in the ceiling he felt a cold chill all over his body and then a smell so evil he almost choked.
‘Jonny please, Jonny please,’ Isobel begged.
Isobel’s innocent voice suddenly turned into that of a cackling and evil entity that screamed…
‘Keep away!’
Jonny’s face was now directly under the dark metal grill and the stench was so overpowering Jonny thought he would pass out. He struggled to push himself away from the ceiling but his body seemed rigid with paralysis, unable to move anything but his head. Jonny’s body rose the few inches until his nose was touching the ice cold dark and insipidly gloomy grill.
Jonny began to shake uncontrollably with absolute fear and terror as beads of sweat trickled down his face, which then made a quiet, ‘thump, thump, thump,’ as they hit the softness of Jonny’s bed. Legend and Legion slept on blissfully unaware of the torment Jonny was suffering in his wide-awake nightmare.
‘I love you, Jonny Plumb,’ Isobel whispered.
Then suddenly and without warning, Isobel’s face appeared behind the dark metal grill making Jonny jump out of his skin. The beads of ice cold sweat continued to drip effortlessly on to the softness of Jonny’s bed, ‘thump, thump, thump,’ as they hit pristine white sheet.
Isobel’s normally beautiful, fair and delicate skin suddenly began to darken; cracks appeared around her soft mouth and beautiful eyes. Isobel’s nose began to bleed as green and purple pus oozed out of her mouth and slowly dripped onto Jonny’s face.
Jonny retched again and again, his body caught in spasms of absolute fear. He watched as the girl of his dreams slowly transformed from the most beautiful girl in his world into the most hideous, vile creature he had ever seen. Isobel’s hair had now turned from a shiny chestnut brown into dying grey. Crawling amongst it, bloated maggots emerged from her skull, chewing and munching at the living flesh.
Using every ounce of his strength Jonny tried to scream, but still his voice stayed silent. Jonny desperately tried again and again to free him-self from this all powerful force that held his body against the ceiling.
Isobel’s once beautiful face was now unrecognizable. Her face now green and purple, enormous pus filled slashes suddenly opened down her once pristine cheeks. Isobel began to smile, her teeth morphed into razor blades and her once pink tongue, flicked in and out of her swollen with sores pus filled mouth, like a snake as it tastes the air of its next victim.
Suddenly, she screamed at the top of her voice like a raging banshee.
‘Jonny Plumb, you are mine, mine forever, mine, until the end of time.’
Isobel then clamped her rotting, razor blade teeth onto the metal bars, as her rotten breath of death enveloped Jonny’s face. The bloated maggots dropped from her evil foul stinking mouth into Jonny’s. Slowly, ever so slowly she began to rip the bars apart, bit by bit the ear screeching terror got closer and closer until her crooked, bent, pus filled nose touched Jonny’s.
‘OH MY GOD, HELP ME,’ Jonny screamed, as he at last found his voice.
Jonny turned his face from side to side desperately trying to move his face from the death breath and hideous vision before him. The invisible powerful force just pushed it back but this time even closer to the hideous hag’s pus filled and achingly ugly face in front of him, as it cackled.
A gnarled hand suddenly reached out of the darkness and grabbed Jonny’s head. Silently and with an unstoppable force it began to drag Jonny into the cold darkness of the attic.
‘OH MY GOD, PLEASE GOD, PLEASE SAVE ME,’ Jonny screamed out in terror, as he felt his head being dragged into the dark coldness of the attic, while the once beautiful Isobel screamed repeatedly,
‘Today, you are going to die; you are going to die, today, in hell.’
Jonny still sweating and shaking with fear suddenly realised that his body was beginning to fall. Slowly his head emerged from the darkness of the attic, further and further away from the foul stench of death and the hideous face grinning inanely at him. Blood, pus and maggots continued to fall towards him.
Jonny kept falling in slow motion, sweat pouring from his entire body. Silently Jonny landed on to his bed with a thump.
‘Jonny, wake up, Jonny, you must wake up,’ a soft voice whispered.
Jonny tried to open his eyes but there was something covering them. He reached up tentatively and felt the warm soft fur of Pod and then felt the soft breaths of Legion and Legend nuzzling up to him.
‘It’s ok now, Jonny, it’s all over,’ the reassuring chocolate melting voice of Nanny Carole whispered, her beautiful scent filling Jonny’s nostrils.
Jonny opened his eyes and looked directly towards the ceiling, then nervously and silently he scanned the entire bedroom ceiling looking for the dark metal grill.
‘What on earth were you dreaming about, Jonny? You woke the entire house up,’ Legion asked.
‘It was horrible, just horrible,’ Jonny stuttered.
‘What was?’ Carole gently asked as she stroked Jonny’s face.
‘The face, the face behind the grill in the ceiling,’ Jonny replied in near hysteria.
Legend, Legion and Nanny Carole all looked up towards the ceiling where Jonny was now pointing.
‘There, it was there, believe me, I saw it and, and Isobel was trapped behind the grill and had changed into a hideous witch,’ Jonny stuttered.
‘But there’s nothing there, Jonny,’ all three repeated together.
‘Guess you have just had a horrible nightmare,’ Nanny Carole said gently.
‘Yes, I guess so,’ Jonny replied still looking shaken, ‘I guess so.’
‘There’s someone at the front door, Jonny, asking for you,’ Nanny Carole said while she tidied Jonny’s room and straightened the bedclothes.
‘Who’s at the front door?’ Jonny asked still uncertain about the nightmare he had just woken up from.

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