Jonny’s incredible adventures continue with the next installment of the six set series

By Kim Wheeler

Jonny’s incredible adventures continue with the next installment of the six set series called Jonny Plumb and the Queen of Iceland. Jonny and his two faithful companions and best friends Legion and Legend travel to Iceland in order to find the eleven singing RunesOnce Jonny has found all the hidden Runes he then has to meet the Queen of Iceland but everything isn’t as simple as it seems. Jonny has to gather many sacred objects from around the world and then travel deep into space to a land called Dark Shadow where he has to find and remove the Elixir of life and return home safely in order to build a sacred machine, but what machine and what does it do? Then he has to meet the Icelandic Yule lads, the strangest and weirdest family ever!

Doggedly amusing to the very last page, Jonny Plumb & The Queen Of Iceland is the fifth release in Kim Wheeler’s children’s series and it’s as wonderfully whacky as the first. Very few children’s authors pull off unpredictable excesses with such aplomb and Wheeler has had the luxury of four books to develop his characters and narrative style. Yes it’s silly in places, but there’s an underlying brilliance to these stories. The humour is genuinely funny and the adventures all but leap of the page without getting mired in unnecessary complexity. Despite this, the undying friendship between Jonny, Legion and Legend is as strong as ever and it allows for a tenderness that transcends the whole story. This the magic of Wheeler’s words. They catch you unaware and leave you wishing for those magical faraway places we dreamed of in our younger years when everything seemed possible.

Madcap fun and characters you ‘ll wish were your best friends, Jonny Plumb & The Queen Of Iceland is Wheeler doing what he knows and loves. A must add to your reading shelf, it is highly recommended along with the entire series.

Jonny Plumb and The Queen Of Iceland

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Date Published: Jan 01, 1970

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by Kim Wheeler