Kim Wheeler’s second adventure book in the six series of Jonny Plumb Adventures

Jonny Plumb and the Silver Spaceship

"Kim Wheeler is a master at fantasy as it surely makes itself known in this one. The use of rhyme as we know catches the child’s ear and memory."

Jonny Plumb and the Silver Space Ship – carries straight on from Jonny Plumb’s last incredible adventures with the Silver Space Ship, the fastest machine ever built, which takes Jonny on even more incredible jaw-dropping adventures. Read in amazement as Jonny Plumb’s continuing battles to capture the evil Gnud Repeek and return him to the prison planet of Suproc, where the Gnud Repeek will be tried for all his dastardly crimes against humanity.
Join Jonny Plumb and all his sea-life friends in his new adventures, swimming, singing and almost too much parping and splashing below the waters of Jonny’s bath and then travel flying at twice the speed of light across the universe to visit Jonny Plumbs space home Pashoo.
Be stunned as Jonny struggles to save humanity, the Earth, the Oceans and even his own space parents home in the Sombrero Galaxy from a fate worse than death and then be amazed at what Jonny discovers at Area 51 where he discovers and frees Cosmos the only surviving alien from the Roswell crash.
Meet Professor Ziad who works for the highly secretive organisation known as C.I. L. I. S.O.D. and his mad as a bat wife, Philomena Flatulent Fudge-Bucket.
So join in and relish the new exciting adventures with Jonny Plumb and all his friends, not forgetting his two most fearsome and loyal companions Legend and Legion, the largest Rottweilers known to man.
This the second in the six series of Jonny Plumbs Adventures from the author Kim Wheeler who has now had eight books published that range from a book of poems sadly no longer available called Plateaus Mountains and Detritus, Rescue Dog Rescues Man (Free from his webpage) which the author describes exactly how his rescue dogs came to rescue him from the edge of depression, PTSD and injuries. Climbing Mountains in the Dark which again is unavailable to purchase that also includes more of the authors gritty and powerful poetry which has been rewritten, reworked and been given a brand new cover and title, Battle Scarred Journey. The author has now written four in the six series of Jonny Plumb Adventures books which are called, Jonny Plumb and the Golden Globe, Jonny Plumb and the Silver Spaceship, Jonny Plumb and the City of Amaranta and Jonny Plumb and the Battle for Earth the remaining two books in this six set series will be completed by late 2015.

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          This is the 2nd book in the series of Jonny Plumb Adventure books written by Kim Wheeler. It is called Jonny Plumb and the Silver Space Ship In this book he talks to the spirits of his parents in the Sombrero Galaxy and visits all the planets with PAL and his trusty dogs Legion and Legend. He learns some wonderful secrets and sees some magnificent things to blow his socks off. Characters old and new appear in this book to keep you interested and amused. All the sea life still appear in his daily bath to join him on his adventures. Once again he seeks the secret hiding place off Gnud Repeek and tries to keep him from stealing the golden globe which he must protect at all costs. Will he succeed in his mission? This book is full of Kim's vivid imagery and humour which will transport you into Jonny's exciting adventures.

     Jonny Plumb and the Silver Space Ship - carries straight on from Jonny Plumb’s last incredible adventures with even more incredible amazing out of this world adventures with Jonny Plumb.

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Author Name : Kim Wheeler

Author Bio : Kim Wheeler, photographer, published author and dog rescuer of large breed dogs, three occupations that has finally found Kim solace. Kim’s books include Battle Scarred Journey; an intimate, gritty and heart rendering account of just a few of the many trials in his varied life. Kim has now written four children’s books out of a series of six of the zany adventures of Jonny Plumb...

Format: Print

Pub Date: Mar 15, 2015