Rebecca Ilene Lane
Tucson AZ
United States
Genre : YA, Romance, Fairy Tales, Fantasy

About Rebecca:

I grew up in the hot desert landscape of Tucson, Arizona where I decided early on that I wanted to write, if only to mentally escape my blistering surroundings. I received my Undergraduate degree from Sarah Lawrence College in New York, during which I was lucky enough to also spend a year studying at Oxford University. My overly active imagination could find no better outlet than through writing. A woman of many talents, if I may say so, I spend my time writing articles for a number of magazines, spanning subjects from world travel to entertainment to how to pair the right wine with specific food for a special dinner party. Thanks to my abundance of creativity, I rarely suffer from the bane of writers everywhere, writers block. While this is a blessing now, I can assure you in grade school my teachers often complained of my daydreaming in class.
Unsatisfied with limiting myself to one area of the writing field, I also work as a freelance editor for several publishing companies. In addition to my magazine work, I also spend a great deal of time writing fiction. I am currently working on three different novels, covering genres from YA all the way to Romance. To put it simply, when I’m not sleeping, I’m writing. Truth be told, I often wake up in the middle of the night to jot down a dream that I’ve just had. I have been fascinated with the written word and the stories we can create with it since I was a small child. I spent most of my free time when I was younger voraciously reading anything I could get my hands on. There really was no doubt about what I would do when I “grew up.” I was simply born to write.

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