News Hook: Cancer immunotherapy R&D is progressing at a furious pace on various platforms including the living drug of the NCI, cancer vaccines, CRISPR, and cold atmospheric plasma (CAP). The interim results are very encouraging that a cure for cancer will be announced in the near future.

Despite the R&D of most of immunotherapies still being at a stage of ‘infancy’, several remarkable results have been achieved to date. They include a cure without side effects and no sign of recurrence after more than five years of a terminal stage cancer patient. But the warning was issued that this treatment is highly experimental and needs a lot more research to be applicable to a wider range of patients. Other immunotherapies are undergoing early trials with effective results so far but not yet at the stage of final trials. The scientists of these projects are very humble admitting that they are still in the development phase. What impressed me most, was the clarity of vision of practically all researchers as to what path they have to follow to achieve the desired outcome. That, to say the least, is very heartening.
Please note: current cancer treatment does not provide a cure. At best it palliates with a progression free survival of five years on average.

"Over 52% of people diagnosed with cancer, i.e. over 10 million patients globally die every year after having been "effectively treated" with surgery, radio- and chemotherapy. That is unacceptable!"

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Date of Published: Nov 10, 2020