Looking forward to Spring Training

News Hook: New sports book tells how to make a fun family vacation visiting each of Major League Baseball's 30 Spring Training camps; entices with 170 new, historic, and nostalgic color photos; and gives hundreds of insider tips (called 'Foul Tips') for the best times and places to get ball, bat and other autographs; meet players; see old-timers play; get ticket costs and schedules; plan trips and hotel stays; and create unique display cases and wall hangings for your treasured baseball memorabilia. Author Charles Piper, a zealous fan who's visited every MLB training camp, gives hundreds of insider tips not found on the Internet and lists numerous websites for additional information. Fans questing for a memory-making family road trip to catch balls, meet favorite players, and collect autographs will find plenty of how-to’s in the new tour guide.

With Spring Training in our sights we turn our eyes to Charles Piper’s FIELDS OF SPRING: Major League Baseball Spring Training.

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Author Name : Charles Piper

Author Website : http://www.amazon.com