M. L. Hollinger’s newest series hits, Javik, is available now.

News Hook: In the first book, Mauhad, Javik struggles to pass Mauhad, the manhood test of his people, and falls in love in the process. While training to pass Mauhad he encounters a girl in the forest. She is Allana, an escaped slave, but Javik falls in love with her. Before the situation can be resolved, Javik must go off to war. Allana vows to wait for him, but when he returns she is gone. In his second book, Love and War, Allana goes in pursuit of a crown, and Javik is trapped into an unwanted marriage before the fates conspire to free him from all obligations except finding the woman he loves. Queen of Gorgos finishes the Javik series and continues the parallel stories of Javik and Allana. Javik returns from war to find his wife died of a plague. He learns of Allana’s fate at the hands of a bandit king and gathers his friends in a quest to free her. They succeed, and they help Allana gain the throne of Gorgos and restore the island to its former glory.

M. L. Hollinger’s latest series of books, Javik, tells the story of one boy’s journey into manhood.

"Mauhad, Love and War, and Queen of Gorgos is avaibable at Amazon.com, TotalRecallPress.com, Nook, and Barnes and Noble."

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