Max and Voltaire: Getting To Know You

News Hook: Set in a small town in France, this first in a series of illustrated chapter books, challenges readers to think about how special every day can be and that no matter how bad a situation it, it can change for the better. Max (a cat) and Voltaire (a dog) are adopted by a kind and generous woman who has three cats. Through the eyes of Max and Voltaire and a supporting cast of furry pals and bipeds, readers explore the challenges of making new friends, adapting to change, fostering tolerance and getting along with others who are different.

A heart-warming story of friendship and courage, and of turning fears of the unknown into a warm acceptance of others who are different.

"A fun read for children and animal lovers of all ages."

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Author Name : Mina Mauerstein Bail

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Date of Published: Nov 04, 2014