Mouse Gate book signing June 11 from 11am-2pm at the Barnes and Noble Bookstore in Geneva Commoms, Geneva, IL

News Hook: We will have three Mouse Gate books available at our book signing on June 11. The main characters in these books are young teens whose amazing adventures revolve around their vacation time in Disney World. As they are transported to other lands and times from the past they are forced to reflect on how to throw off feelings of self-doubt and gain self-confidence, understand the concept of true heroism, examine their beliefs and deal with the concepts of truth and friendship. Whether you choose 'Jazz and 'Ella', 'Gina and Colby', 'Marina and Dan', or our newest book to be released soon, 'Max and McKenzie', the fun and excitement these teens experience in Disney World along with the lessons they learn through their unbelievable time travel adventures, will provide readers with books they will find hard to put down until completed. Check out our Facebook author page:

If you love adventure, time travel, and Disney World, you will fall in love with our books. Come and check out our imaginative books to purchase for your 8-12 year olds to enjoy.

"Don't miss your chance to get a signed copy of a Mouse Gate book on June 11 at the Barnes and Noble bookstore in Geneva Commons, Geneva, IL from 11am-2 pm."

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Author Name : Jeff and Jacqi Lovell

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Date of Published: Nov 01, 2015