New Mouse Gate book, Max and McKenzie, is now available for purchase.

News Hook: Does the ancient Ark of the Covenent as recorded in biblical history still exist, or is it just a myth? If it does, what has become of it? Could it possibly be discovered today and its treasures recovered? The answers to these questions are what the twins, Max and McKenzie, are about to discover. During their dream vacation in Walt Disney World, they are transported several times to ancient Israel allowing them to witness the theft of the Ark, become a part of the army that marches around the city of Jericho, observe the treasures of Solomon's temple being removed, and observe other remarkable events from the past. Included in one of their time travel experiences is an opportunity to participate in an archaeological dig unlike any other known to history. How will these discoveries affect them, and possibly future events?

Our latest adventure includes time travel to ancient Israel where a set of twins experience harrowing events leading to the discovery of the Ark of the Covenent during a WDW vacation.

Writers Biline:

Author Name : Jeff and Jacqi Lovell