Poet Brings His Work To The Public with “Rising Higher”

Rising Higher Than Ever

Charlie Connors loved to sing. He had aspirations of being able to sing on stage with his favorite artist, Samantha Kent. But his girlfriend, Amanda doesn’t share his passion or goals and thinks that Charlie should focus on a goal more realistic. Pretty reasonable advice, but will Amanda’s discouragement end up driving Charlie into the arms of another woman who shares his passion for singing?

     "I was captivated by the sweet sound of Melody that I heard, and she still serenades me with her every verse, line and word.-from the poem Sweet Sound of Melody.

Writers Biline:

Author Name : Marc A. Beausejour

Author Bio : Marc A. Beausejour was born in Queens, New York on July 28, 1987. He began writing at the age of twelve, taking part in early poetry readings, writing for school newsletters. At age fourteen, Marc moved down to Kennesaw, Georgia and his love for writing moved down with him. In 2011, Beausejour self-published his first book, Words On High: Poetry and Inspired Events from MAB.

Format: Print

Pub Date: Feb 17, 2015