Pondering the Pantry — Research Continues

News Hook: Pondering the Pantry is published, but research continues. If you are using olive oil for pickling, an expert suggests picholine olive oil, made from a meaty olive with a small pit and subtle, lightly salty flavour. Picholine is often known as French Olive Oil, given its popularity in France. One culinary suggestion is to add a small amount of picholine olive oil to the preparation of dill pickles, but be careful, realizing that too much will overwhelm the taste of the cucumbers. There is a word of caution. Do not use suri olive oil, a relatively inexpensive product originating in Tyre, Lebanon. It has a strong, harsh aftertaste. Suri is best used to preserve certain foods and certainly not for salad. What is best on salads? Confirmed by a taste test , leccino is an excellent choice. It has a light, smooth and non-dominating taste. If you are making an omelet, use a sparing amount to grease the pan. For salad be more generous with quantity. Bottom line --- know what you buy!

(UK) Jewish Tribune

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Author Name : Jay Levinson

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Date of Published: Jul 28, 2016