Rising Higher Than Ever

By Marc A. Beausejour

Article First Paragraph:

Can you say that you looked into the eye of the storm and strive to survive?/Even when the odds are against you and there's no will to stay alive?/To withstand all the winds that threaten to blow you off your course/Can you develop the strength from a never ending source that gives you force?-MAB- from the poem Eye of the Storm.

About Article:

Twenty people. Twenty poems. Twenty different stories. From the author that brought you Words On High: Poetry and Inspired Events comes another book that continue to use Biblical scripture and poetry as one inspiring , motivating piece of literature. Be lifted to another spiritual level.

Writers Biline:

Writer Name : Marc A. Beausejour

Writer Bio : Marc A. Beausejour was born in Queens, New York on July 28, 1987. He began writing at the age of twelve, taking part in writing articles and letters for school newsletters throughout the years. At age fourteen, Beausejour moved down south to Kennesaw, Georgia and his love for writing came down with him. He was known in his local church and community as a poet and in 2011, he self-published his first poetry book Words On High: Poetry and Inspired Events From MAB.