Rising Higher Than Ever Sets Platform For Poetry Book

News Hook: As men, are we too quick with the ladies that we make a pass?/Then in return, we don't treat them with decorum and class?/It's only when you realize the immense picture; then and only then/you; as young, inexperienced boys will have become true gentlemen.-From the poem, Gentlemen. Tyrone Beal reflects on his past mistakes as he sits in a courtroom, waiting upon the verdict that will determine his fate. He had been arrested in connection to the murder of Tyler Crane, a public servant and community social worker. With ties to the local gang in the area, Tyrone often feels the allure and pull of his old comrades. Will he be able to transform not only his image, but his mindset?

Twenty poems. Twenty people with twenty different stories. As Rising Higher Than Ever hits the one month-mark of its release, the poems remain as classic and as timeless as the stories that inspired them.

"Being a gentlemen or a class character doesn't lie merely in clothes or outward appearance, but it lies in a person's behavior and mindset."

Writers Biline:

Author Name : Marc A Beausejour

Date of Published: Feb 17, 2015