by David Axelrod

Poetry Introduction : More NASCAR poetry by David Axelrod and "The Speedway."

Poetry Beginning : Maybe they aren’t guns,


but these cars are weapons —
hundreds of horsepower
burning through a gallon
in 2 minutes. Slap a wall —
you’re lucky to shower
the track with sparks,
or spin and pray the cage
protects you. Straight
out, floored, pushing
cars nearly 200.

“Too dangerous,” NASCAR
says and restricts the air flow.
“Just too fast.” But fans
want a real race, flat out
toward the checkered flag.
All that skill, all that power —
no room for yellow here.
Only the flash of a green
flag, then hell-bent
toward victory, a show-
off lap, back slapping
and media hoopla.

(For more poetry from David Axelrod’s “The Speed Way” go to or

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Genre : Poetry