Small Fish Big Fish Hits No.1 on Amazon

News Hook: Jacob Carlisle's gripping tale of love and courage in 1960’s Scotland, Small Fish Big Fish, has hit number 1 in Amazon's bestseller (free) list - British and Irish Literary. With a day and a half still to run in the three day promotion, Small Fish Big Fish has been downloaded over 2000 times. The author, Jacob Carlisle, says the results have exceeded his expectations. "It's brilliant to know that so many people will be reading my novel," he said. The book has received twenty-two reviews with an average of 4.8 stars on Kindle. Gloria Ng says on Goodreads, "This gritty coming of age novel illuminates shifting alliances when youth are in doubt, fear, anger, or angst and is suspenseful in that each page the reader isn't completely sure which motivation wins the character over and what actions result from them. Although set in 1965 Scotland, Carlisle's storytelling style allows the reader to take the leap into the universal with timeless values called into question."

Tough teen issues in 1965 still alive in 2015. Lessons are there for any who will listen, says Small Fish Big Fish author.

"Small Fish Big Fish is available at Kindle:"

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Date of Published: Oct 01, 2014