Sports book ‘Fields of Spring’ tells how to make a fun family outing to each of Major League Baseball’s 30 Spring Training camps

News Hook: Major League Baseball will soon be in the air as the 2015 Spring Training season opens February 19. Fans questing for a memory-making family road trip to catch balls, meet favorite players, and collect autographs will find plenty of how-tos in the new tour guide ‘Fields of Spring.' Written by Charles Piper, a fanatical fan who’s toured all 30 MLB training complexes, it’s the ultimate family trip-planner and baseball collectors' guide. As a former Federal Agent, Piper knows how to sniff out the best ways to vacation at any of the 15 camps in Arizona's Cactus League and the15 in Florida's Grapefruit League. These include the best times and places get ball, bat and other autographs; meet players; see old-timers play; get ticket costs and schedules; plan trips and hotel stays; and create unique display cases and wall hangings for your treasured memorabilia. An example of Piper’s friendly, “been there, done that” advice tells the best way to collect autographs from favorite players

Charles Piper’s chronicles the full, fun, family experience with 170 new, historic, and nostalgic color photos and gives hundreds of insider tips (called ‘Foul Tips’).

"'Fields of Spring' is an up-to-date baseball collector's guide and family vacation planner designed to help fans get the most out of visits to Major League Baseball's Spring Training parks."

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Author Name : Jessica Meyer and Terri Mitchem

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Date of Published: Feb 05, 2013