The storyline, characters and settings were so real it was difficult to believe that (this book) is historical fiction.

By Betty Vaughn

While many parts of the book are true, the well-chosen words holding these truths together take on a tone of reality and the reader becomes lost in the story and wanting more, whether truth or fiction.

It is evident that the author has done a tremendous amount of research in order to write this book and she provides a rich source of information about overlooked areas of history or those areas deemed ‘less important’ than others. In checking some of these areas, we have found her research to be fastidiously accurate, just as we have found her commonsense analysis of military situations to be enlightening. It is gratifying to find an astute historian whose skills far exceed that realm; someone who can take facts and weave them together with fiction and end up with a story that actually ‘could have happened.’

Run, Cissy, Run

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Number Of Pages: 300

Date Published: Aug 04, 2015

Publisher: TotalRecall Press

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by Betty Vaughn