The Ability to Shift Back and Forth in Time-A Blessing or a Curse?

News Hook: The discovery of a mind altering drug opens a pathway to frightening mental abilities for Rachel Farrell, who is able to move backward and forward in time at will, and her best friend, Donna Riske, who can now control the thoughts of others. Rick Howell lives his life in the shadow of these two women who have the power to change reality. He must risk his life to stop the murderous attempts of a desperate lunatic who wishes to exploit the powers these women have accidentally acquired. The battle of Good versus Evil spreads from a chemistry lab as evil men in search of power and wealth travel the globe pursuing the time shifting secret drug. Good overcomes evil, but not before greed, maniacal mayhem, and a perfect crime put to rest the mind controlling drug.

Students become guinea pigs for a mind-altering drug discovered accidentally in a lab at the University of Illinois. Struggling to deal with its’ unimaginable effects changes their lives forever.

"Jeff Lovell won the Grand Prize Award by Books Without Publishers Writing Contest for his first adventure novel, Acid, written for older teens and adults. It is available online."

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Author Name : Jeff Lovell

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Date of Published: Nov 20, 2013